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Wolverine Excavating & Demolition inc., is an Edmonton & area-based company that has been serving greater Edmonton since 2013. It has combined experience of approximately 50 years & is known as a small company that stands by its work. It has made several customers very happy since it started & hopes to continue & grow moving forward. Our mission is to solve peoples water & sewer problems at the least possible cost should a problem occur. People need to know that many of these problems are covered by their home insurance & the costs to repair can be very small. Please give us a call.

Wolverine Excavating.

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Wolverine Excavating & Demolition Inc offers professional demolition, excavation, and specialized waterline and sewer line repair and replacement services, ensuring efficient solutions for all your infrastructure needs.

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Choose Wolverine Excavating & Demolition Inc for expert demolition, excavation, and precise waterline and sewer line repair and replacement. Trust our experience, reliability, and commitment to quality service for lasting solutions.


What We Do

Water Main Breaks

Water main breaks disrupt service and cause damage. Prompt response and expert repair are vital. Trust us for efficient solutions and restored functionality.
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Water Line Repair & Replacement

Water line issues can disrupt supply and cause damage. Our expert repair and replacement services ensure reliable water distribution for your property's needs.
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Sewer Main Breaks

Sewer main breaks lead to sanitation issues and property damage. Our swift response and expert repair services ensure restored functionality and environmental safety.
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Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Sewer line problems can cause backups and health hazards. With our skilled repair and replacement services, we ensure efficient, long-lasting solutions for your property's sanitation needs.
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Sewer SAG Repairs

Sewer sagging leads to blockages and structural issues. Our specialized repair services address sagging sewer lines promptly, ensuring proper functionality and preventing future problems.
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Building Demolitions

Our demolition services ensure safe, efficient dismantling of structures. From residential to commercial buildings, trust us for expert demolition solutions tailored to your needs.
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Asbestos Abatement

With our asbestos abatement services, we ensure safe removal and disposal of hazardous materials. Trust our expertise for comprehensive solutions that prioritize health and safety.
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Concrete Removal & Disposal

Our concrete removal and disposal services efficiently clear unwanted structures, ensuring safe and eco-friendly disposal. Trust us for thorough and responsible concrete management.
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